The scientific name for the freshwater angelfish is really quite descriptive. The scientific name is Pterophyllum Scalare.  It comes from a Greek word for "winged leaf" and scalare means "like a flight of stairs" in reference to the dorsal fin.  There is no Hawaiian name for the freshwater angelfish.  Angelfish are narrow and look like a verticle triangle with long fins coming out of the top and bottom and have 2 'feelers' in front of the anas or bottom fin.


Angelfish are generally found in coral reefs in the Amazon River.  There are many varieties of Angelfish with the more common or fresh water ones retailing for 3-$5 and the more exotic salt water ones retailing for $200.


Angelfish are omnivorous and preditory.  Their diet consists of brine shrimp, tubifex, white and blood worms.


Because of the diffculty in identifying their gender, it is best to put 6-8 of them together in a tank and have them pair off on there own to reproduce.

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